In 1979, Unilux Developed an innovative bent water tube boiler design. This boiler is used for commercial, institutional, and industrial heating / process applications. Applications include hot water, high pressure steam, low presume steam, high temperature hot water, waste heat, thermal fluid, and recently, industrial modular.

The highly efficient Unilux boiler has proven to be a safe reliable design. Boilers in operation for over 30 years with only scheduled maintenance histories attest to Unilux reliability.

The original five (5) pass Unilux design achieves maximum boiler efficiencies utilizing standard and easily serviceable fuel burner technology.

High energy savings + rapid return on investment

Field Erect (FE) designs = Ease of retrofit

Design features include natural internal circulation, service friendly design, and thermal shock proof with a standard twenty-year warranty, fast recovery rate, and a four (4) sided water wall furnace.

Unlike other bent tube boilers, Unilux has a large volume furnace of tangent tube design, allowing for a 4-sided water wall heat release and a positive flow through all boiler tubes, as each is exposed to direct radiant heat. Therefore, the radiant heat from the burner flame is not absorbed by refractory and lost to ambient; it is transferred directly to the tube side fluid. The volumetric furnace heat release of the Unilux boiler is no more than 80000 BTU/HR/CU.FT. depending on boiler size.

Equally or more importantly, the heat release per sq. ft. of heating surface in the Unilux design is never greater than 45.000 BUT/HR/SQ.FT. This is calculated based upon the flat projected heat transfer surface area in the furnace zone. This value represents the lowest furnace heat release of all steal boiler designs in the market today. This inherently provides the greatest protection against metal fatigue as well as being an integral design feature, which helps the Unilux (5) pass design achieve the highest available operating efficiencies.

The guaranteed output ratings of each Unilux boiler is obtained by combining the correctly sized burner, with the placement of stainless steel baffles to increase velocity in the convection section passes for optimum gas flow across the tubes, exactly as done by manufacturers of D type water tube generators.

Older bent water tube designs were originally atmospheric designs that have been modified to accommodate forced draft firing. The Unilux 5 pass boiler is a true forced draft design encased in a heavy duty insulated steel housing. Industrial grade housing panels are well insulated with 3" of high temperature fiberwool. The entire casing, when completed allows for up to +5" water column pressure. The housing is further insulated with a steel jacket employing a 2" air insulator space between the inner and outer panels for maximum insulating effect. The front and rear boiler walls are made with our exclusive 3-tier process. First, a 4" layer of insulating refractory is poured, second a 1" layer of high temperature fiberboard I installed, and third, a 4" layer of 2700 deg. F refractory is poured. All this is stayed with stainless steel anchors closely spaced and welded to the outer steel housing. Operating radiant losses are calculated at ¼ of 1% of maximum input. Larger boilers (model 2000 and up) have industrial grade 12" and 10" walls for ultimate dependability.

Unilux features large volume down comers (one for water designs and two for steam designs) totally isolated from the fireside to provide maximum positive circulation within the pressure vessel. Water flow resistance is minimal, as such; external circulating devices are not required with the Unilux design.

Both the fireside and waterside are easily accessed for inspection and maintenance though strategically located ports on the assembly.

Unilux boiler tubes are no less than 1 ½" SA178A, electric resistance, welded carbon steel high quality construction. Tubes are generally fitted with a precision machined, tapered ferrule that is driven into the machined boiler drums. There is no welding or rolling required. Tube replacement, if required is easily achieved without major disassembly of the boiler.

The Unilux UL/FE boiler is another Unilux first. We are proud to have tackled the job of producing the world's first and only line of Underwriters Laboratories Listed and Labeled field erect boiler assemblies. The specifying o a Unilux UL/FE provides the highest available safety and accountability procedure for the field erect market.

The Unilux boiler design is imply the best, most efficient, highest quality water tube product available. We are dedicated to the development of new energy, efficient, quality products to serve the industry. We are proud of our accomplishments and will continue to blaze a path for others to follow.